Chris Kolb ’12 Speaks To Undergraduates

Chris Kolb ’12 spoke to the undergraduates about his career on Wednesday, March 29th. Chris has a background in technology/software sales, startups, and real estate investing. He's worked as an early hire and has helped build out the sales functions/go-to-market strategies with startups like Glint (acquired by LinkedIn), Instapage, and Postclick. Outside of the startups, Chris' real estate business specializes in investment projects primarily in Section 8, but also has completed a number of Fix/Flips and BRRRs in the midwest and southwest. 

He is now actively rolling out a rideshare company he co-founded in Arizona, HUM. HUM is a subscription business (driver-subscriber) on a mission to provide drivers with greater and more transparent earning opportunities (100% of fares), while providing passengers with fairer fares. Outside of this, he's still working on his golf game. Long off the tee, but sometimes questionable within 70 yards. 

From left to right it is Luke Garder ‘21, alumnus, Chris Kolb ‘12, and President Ethan Desilva ’22.