TKE Alumni Hall of Fame Weekend Updates

November 10-11 the Fraters of the Kappa Tau Chapter gathered to hold the inaugural Alumni Hall of Fame as part of their Alumni Weekend in November 22, 2023

The weekend started with a dinner at Brother John’s Beer, Bourbon and BBQ on

November 10th which had several of the alumni inductees and spouses attend along with the executive board members of the chapter and members of the board of advisors. It was a great opportunity for everyone to meet mingle and learn about the past, present and future of Kappa-Tau Chapter.

On Veteran’s Day, November 11th, a gathering was held at the current chapter house at the University of Arizona campus located on Drachman Street to hold a formal ceremony to recognize the achievements of five alumni as well as honoring two fraters of the Chapter Eternal.

The alumni inducted in the Kappa-Tau Hall of Fame were Robert Rutherford ’74, Ken Crawford ’77, Victor Bellino ’78, Andrew Quinn ’90 and Gregory Ochser ’17.  These alumni were selected for their passion for Kappa-Tau Chapter and Tau Kappa Epsilon, living the principals of TKE and their commitment in the daily lives to being better men for a better world.

The ceremony also honored Fraters John Hutcherson ’75 and Robert Brubaker ’76 who have since passed on to the Chapter Eternal, but we recognize their involvement as former officers and their contribution as alumni of Kappa-Tau Chapter.

Presenters included the outgoing Chapter Prytanis Ethan Desilva, Histor Luke Gardner, BOA members, Bob Newton (Omicron), Scott Johnston (Beta-Sigma), Trey Wanamaker (Upsilon-Delta) and James “Ziggy” Benware (Sigma-Xi). The ceremony focused on the legacy and tradition of the Kappa-Tau and a challenge to cover the walls with Top Teke Chapter awards. 

We concluded with a passing of the Prytanis gavel and reception to continue the celebration of the Bond of TKE and what it represents both the current membership and alumni and we look forward to see who joins the next class of the chapter’s Hall of Fame.